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Our technology platforms enable a new era of national security in the connected world. We leverage human creativity, clever algorithms, and pipelines and architectures that deliver a continual flow of technology advantage for the common good.



Information advantage, on demand

Traditionally, high performance radar, electronic warfare, communications, and sonar systems were designed and built as highly integrated and monolithic systems. The capital costs and long timescales of development meant that an engineer was lucky to develop two systems in their career.  It’s a situation ripe for disruption.  

Our approach mirrors those employed recently to disrupt the commercial microprocessor industry: fabless semiconductor design houses, microprocessor reference designs, and pureplay foundries upsetting the classic domination of vertically integrated semiconductor industry. 


STR/signalprinter is enabling the same for sensing and communications systems, letting us use high performance, emerging commercial radio-frequency hardware to implement our signal processing solutions. With STR/ signalprinter, we can mix and match signal processing elements across target hardware, sensing system architecture, and sensing modality.

STR/signalprinter is bringing radio frequency and acoustic sensor design into the software-defined era, and lets our team focus on delivering their innovation into our systems at a rapid pace. Our development approach starts with actual data, rich with the complexity of the real world, that feeds a robust model-based engineering core. We then leverage our toolset to deliver constantly-evolving solutions at the pace of need across electro-magnetic spectrum operations, distributed sensing, and hybrid active and passive sensing – from undersea to space. 

We are delivering high performance information advantage, on demand, to those who need it most with our superior signal processing technology platform.


Our toolset makes complexity your ally, not your foe.

The STR/cyber technology platform scales to the complexity of emerging cyber threats, spanning the stack from analysis of hardware and firmware to reverse engineering of network protocols and vulnerability research on operating systems and applications.  Formal methods verify system configurations and novel cryptographic technologies enable secure distributed communications systems that cannot be detected or intercepted. Software agents autonomously seek and neutralize bots then patch the compromised host.

Historically, cybersecurity has focused on applying security controls, like best coding practices, secure designs and configurations, and the use of intrusion detection software. With exploding numbers of networked computing devices, this approach cannot scale to new challenges, placing essential systems from critical infrastructure to national security assets at risk.

The STR/cyber modeling and simulation platform unravels the complexity of embedded systems through construction of multiresolution digital models, from surrogates that mimic the functions of the system to exquisite bitwise-accurate digital twins. These models capture the interactions of the system’s logic with its physics, to enable an in-depth understanding of its operation in the real world.


A new approach to mission critical cyber-security


Our multidisciplinary approach leverages these capabilities and staff expertise to develop and deliver solutions to pressing cybersecurity problems, staying ahead of the threat by relentlessly advancing the state of the art.



Artificial intelligence for decision advantage

Data has exploded. Several quintillion bytes of data are created each and every day, from satellite images to blog posts to internet-of-things-sensors. Where we were once starved for information, the most valuable commodity on earth has become human attention. Some use artificial intelligence to drive human engagement in marketing and consumer purchases, others use it to create business intelligence, or understand what will drive the next contagious internet memes.

As STR, we use AI to drive to better decisions. We focus human attention on the things that matter, helping them sift out noise and purposeful misinformation.


Our STR/infokit platform helps us merge the latest developments in data science, artificial intelligence algorithms, data conditioning, and DevOps toolsets to deliver real-time sensemaking and decision support to our users, even on isolated networks. We leverage this platform for diverse applications from command-and-control systems, to collaborative autonomy and object recognition, detection, and tracking.
By focusing not only on machine automation but resilient combinations of diverse artificial and human intelligence that resist manipulation and deception, we believe that we can deliver decision advantage to the users that most need it.

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